Let’s take pictures together.
Sure, it may be cheesy. Maybe we don’t look our best. Who cares? You always look amazing in my eyes. I love every moment that I spent with you and if only I can relive every second, I would. I’m satisfied with taking as many pictures as I can. I always bring my camera with me because I know that every time we’re out on a date or even just hanging out, I know that there will be something to remember. It’s like every minute is a photo that I want to frame. Wouldn’t you like that? Somewhere down the road we can show people what we’ve gone through through the years. And maybe, if we end up together, we’ll show our kids the first time we held hands, the first time we kissed, the first time we went out, the day I proposed, and the day that we got married. So, please, don’t be camera shy, and just take pictures with me.